My name is mystic and I'm sure most of you guys know me from Twitter as @mysticcshadow - If you don't, well, that's my Twitter so I welcome anyone new out there! I'm quite friendly, extremely caring and I want to help everyone. I have been through a lot in only a short few years and I refuse to give up even though there are days that are tough such as today. On those tough days, I try to just laugh it off or tune into something funny such a video.

I'm 28 years old and I live in Canada. I was diagnosed formerly by my psychiatrist in my early 20's with Borderline Personality Disorder, C-PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. On the outside and in public, people see me as someone that can maintain themselves and function normally. Behind closed doors, I am someone who is very vulnerable, easy to take advantage of and naive. I may look and act tough in public but that is only a front; I have to be strong in order to survive. That's just life. On another note, I do have an undiagnosed learning disability and you will read about that as I create new blog entries throughout the year. I do plan to be more active on here as I have finally figured out how things work.

In regards to my undiagnosed learning disability, my psychiatrist suspects Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with mild Autistic traits. Growing up in my childhood, I have had professionals and doctors tell me otherwise that I have either Central Auditory Processing Disorder or even Sensory Processing Disorder. I am waiting to get assessed but I currently do not have the funds for this and it is almost impossible to really get assesed where I live.

A part from all of that, I love nature and I will venture off to wherever I really want to go. If I wanted to take a week or even a month off, I normally just do that. In my line of work, burn out is very frequent so taking mini self-care vacations is needed. I'm a frequent travellor and my friends think I'm a little crazy for travelling alone but those are the best type of vacations in my opinion.

I'm also into photography - I have a sweet Nikon camera and I take that with me wherever as I take a lot of pictures. Developing those pictures are loads of fun! I love playing games such as my Animal Crossing and Mario Brother games. And I absolutely adore cats!! I mean, who doesn't?

I think I have said enough so enjoy my blog entries & welcome to my life!! :)

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